Radio frequency spectrum is a natural resource of all nations with fixed amount according to ITU resolutions and regulations. As the number of radio communication networks is increasing the congestion of radio spectrum usage is growing, accordingly. Hosting more radio signals in same bands will raise the harmful interference probability if no particular adoption employed. Careless transmission of radio signals in same frequency bands, time and geographical locations by independent networks will indeed produce interference. Spectrum management, in case of long range communications in air and international waters, such as aeronautical and maritime communications, is much more sensitive and complicated task compared to short-range national applications.Coordination of spectrum utilization around the national border-line is another issue which needs special care. From the market perspective, economic delivery of radio communication services and international roaming possibility cannot be achieved except by harmonized utilization of spectrum.

Regulating of internationally harmonized bands inside the country in a different way not only cause a massive loss of national resources but also delays introduction of popular telecommunication services inside the national market. Such decisions shall be quickly modified to speed up telecommunication industry growth of each country. In fact, improvement of telecommunication sector of each country increases the currency flow in the market and has direct influence of national economical growth.

In the international level, ITU (International Telecommunication Union) as an organization-member of UN (United Nations) established to assist world for harmonization of telecommunication relevant activities. In the national level, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is responsible to interact with each other groups and administrations through ITU and customize international telecommunication regulations for achieving national interests as well as tracking international trends.

Also as a treaty signatory TRA takes an active role in the ITU in order to ensure that international policies are consistent with Oman regulatory frameworks and that our interests are adequately protected.